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Sleeve - Nylon (Polyethylene)


  • Excellent Arm Protection: These disposable sleeve covers can be worn over clothing as an extra layer of protection that can protect your forearm against dirt, spills, dirt, dust pollutants and particle barrier and offer great comfort after hours of use.

  • Premium Material: The protective sleeves are made of soft and durable plastic that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is for single use only.

  • Double Ended Elastic Design: There are two ribbon loops on the ends to prevent water from getting wet on your arms and to hold the cap in place. One size fits all and ensures an easy and secure fit.

  • Wide Range of Applications: These waterproof sleeves can effectively stop spills, splashes and dirt from daily work to prevent your arms from getting hurt. Suitable for general cleaning, electronics, construction, manufacturing, food preparation, dish washing, painting, gardening, beauty salons, tattoo shops and other places you need.

  • Package 100 pieces x 10

  • One tire is used.

  • Liquid proof

  • Ultrasonic sewing

  • It is hygienic and hypoallergenic.


Armsleeves (Non-Woven)


  • Material: Non Woven 10 Gsm Spundbond Fabric

  • Comfortable elastic, secures sleeves to wrist and elbow, one size fits most people

  • Disposable sleeve is convenient and hygienic, elastic upper sleeves are dustproof to protect against spills, splashes or debris from daily work, protect your clothing from dirt and grime

  • Widely use: These sleeves are great for food processing and wet work tasks, ideal for use by cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing areas, the packaging industry, cleaners, decorators and craftsmen,

  • Package Include: 100 pcs / 50 pairs,